DID YOU KNOW........?
If you are right handed, you will tend to chew your food on your right side. 
If you are left handed, you will tend to chew your food on your left side.

Chewing gum while peeling onions will keep you from crying.
The pupil of the eye expands as much as 45 percent when a person looks at something pleasing.
The average person who stops smoking requires one hour less sleep a night.

Laughing lowers levels of stress hormones and strengthens the immune system. 
Six-year-olds laugh an average of 300 times a day. Adults only laugh 15 to 100 times a day.

The roar that we hear when we place a seashell next to our ear is not the ocean, but rather the sound of blood surging through the veins in the ear.

Dalmatians are born without spots.

Bats always turn left when exiting a cave.

The reason honey is so easy to digest is that it’s already been digested by a bee.

When you blush, the lining of your stomach also turns red.
The only 2 animals that can see behind itself without turning its head are the rabbit and the parrot.

Intelligent people have more zinc and copper in their hair.

Women blink nearly twice as much as men.

The average person laughs 13 times a day.

Note: These random Statements may or may not be accurate..... Just interesting ! 

Statement Sources: Internet and hear say